Vanilla Macarons - the Queen of Spices!

by Nihan Baser on July 15, 2022

"Life without vanilla beans? I can't imagine that. I don't know of any spice that is more sensual and full-bodied than the queen of spices."

Did you know that the largest consumer of vanilla beans in the world is Coca Cola? And that vanilla ice cream is only "yellow" because it's made with artificial vanillin flavoring? If you want to learn some fun facts and real facts about the vanilla bean, feel free to read on.

How do you choose high-quality vanilla beans?

The vanilla beans must arrive in airtight packaging when purchased. The pods must be shiny, moist and very pliable. Then the vanilla bean is initially fresh and of the best quality.

Schöne saftige Vanilleschoten

Are there different types of vanilla?

Vanilla is not just vanilla. There are different types and flavors.

1. Tahitian vanilla (vanilla tahitensis) from the South Pacific. This has a flowery aroma and is often used in upscale gastronomy.

2. Vanilla spice (vanilla planifolia), also known as bourbon vanilla, accounts for 95% of the global production and is used in both desserts and savory dishes.

3. The Guadeloupe vanilla (vanilla pompona) from the West Indies, which is only used in perfumery.


Where does the vanilla bean originally come from?

The really "true vanilla pod" originally comes from Mexico. The Totonak people called vanilla "cacixanatl" - "profound flower". The Veracruz region on the Gulf of Mexico is still called the "cradle of vanilla".

There in Mexico, the orchids were pollinated by hummingbirds.

Since commercialization in other countries, pollination has been done by hand with a brush, which of course takes a long time and makes the whole thing even more expensive.

Vanilleschoten stammen ursprünglich aus Mexiko

Vanilla "capsules" not "pods".

We popularly say vanilla beans, which is actually wrong. It must be called capsule fruit. Because the vanilla comes from an orchid plant. Of the orchids with capsule fruits, there are 15 species among 150 varieties of orchids, however, only 3 of these species are cultivated commercially.Vanilleschoten sind Früchte von Orchideen Pflanzen

The harvest-ready capsule fruits are treated in hot water or steam and fermented in airtight containers for weeks. This is how the aroma of vanillin develops, which, by the way, is much more intense in the peel than in the pulp. The green capsule fruit is completely odorless. The full aroma only develops through the fermentation process.

Kapselfrüchte keine Schoten

Fermentation lässt das Vanillearoma entfachen

The shell has more aroma than the vanilla pulp - how to use it?

Very simple - after you have used the inside, you can cook with the shell (for example in milk) - even several times!

Also a great alternative and saves a lot of money: Put the shells in a glass full of sugar (you get vanilla sugar) or pulverize the air-dried vanilla beans with sugar to form vanilla icing sugar.

We always process the shells into vanilla icing sugar or grind the shells alone when fully dried and add these to the vanilla macaron shells for a more intense flavor.

Vanilleschote ausgekratzt

Where do you get your vanilla beans from?

We only process the vanilla pods from Vanillekiste. Andréa and Stefan have set themselves the task of bringing high-quality, fairly produced and, of course, above all delicious bourbon vanilla to the people - from their family business in Madagascar. And you can see and taste this quality in every pod. Thank you for the excellent communication, transparency and quality.

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