Macarons - the perfect egg!

by Nihan Baser on July 15, 2022

Did you know that young hens lay small eggs and larger hens lay large eggs? We will now tell you more about different types of eggs & why we use which eggs for our macarons...

What do the different sizes of eggs mean?

Eggs are available in various sizes. The older a chicken is, the larger the egg it lays. This is categorized in S, M, L & XL. Therefore the weight of the eggs is different. In baking recipes they use the standard size "M", with approx. 20g egg yolk and 30g egg white.

Eier in verschiedenen Größen

Which size is ideal for macaron production?

In fact, the S & M sizes are ideal for whipping up a good egg white. The albumin in these sizes is perfect for whipping your meringue. The baking result is perfect with these sizes. 

What are the quality differences in eggs?

The quality of the eggs is highly dependent on the living conditions and feed for the hens. The happier a chicken, the tastier the egg. That's why we only use fresh, high-quality eggs from organic farms in our region with the Bioland seal. Other forms of husbandry and damaged eggs should not be used for the production of macarons, since eggs are a very sensitive product.

Glückliche Hühner

Fresh eggs - how do I choose the best?

First of all, the eggs should be from organic free-range husbandry and ideally be BIO-certified. In addition, the eggs should not make too much noise when shaken. The older the egg, the more fluid the egg white becomes and it's quite noticeable when you shake it. Finally, the yolk shouldn't crack or stain when separated.

Eier Trennen in der Produktion

What is the best way to store eggs?

Fresh eggs can be stored for 2 weeks without a refrigerator - dry and dark. You can eat eggs within 3 weeks. After 2 weeks they should be kept in the refrigerator and eaten well-cooked in the last week.

So, which eggs should I use for baking macarons?

It doesn't take much to make delicious macarons. Organic eggs from a good farm, maximum size M, and a steady hand when separating the eggs are enough to create the basis. Larger eggs or old eggs lead to a very poor baking result.

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